Internships in Business, Software Engineering, Computer Science and Technology

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Our Yukudemy interns, yukuladies and apprentices help build educational products that accelerate education amongst humans. Bring your insight, imagination, and a healthy disregard for the impossible. Together, we can make education the ultimate order of human right for everyone. The internship categories listed below are some of the active internship programs

Co-Op (Cooperative Education)

A co-op is a three-way partnership between a student, Yukudemy, and a college or university. Co-Op allows a students to gain valuable work experience while also earning college credits.  Participating students will work in jobs that relate to their majors. Currently Yukudemy provides co-ops in two functional teams: software engineering and marketing and sales

Sales and marketing internship -2019

A sales and marketing  internship will give you experience with marketing and selling Yukudemy products to Yukudemy consumer. From observing sales calls made by managers to preparing presentations for clients and assisting with new and ongoing campaigns, this internship will give you insights on the ups and downs of a career in sales and marketing. You will also participate hugely in digital marketing. During this internship you’ll be learning the basics of marketing by gathering data on market trends, analyzing and interpreting product feedback and studying the marketing strategies of competitors.

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Software Engineering

You will be working closely with the Yukudemy Engineering team (which includes Yuku Village, Wallet businesses, and Yukusite publications), to not only develop, but also help define and execute projects. Our technology stack is Python3.6+, VueJs, and SQLAlchemy. This is an exciting opportunity to learn and grow with other yukudemy engineers and be part of a team working on products these are ranging from educational services to Financial tools.

 Interns must be enrolled in an accredited degree program in Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Information Systems, Systems Engineering, Software Engineering & Electrical Engineering.

Remember is a free internship program meaning you don't pay us any money; however, you must pass our online interview questions.

Please take your time to prepare for the questions. Check the Yukudemy Micro-master program syllabus to prepare for this internship.

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Apprenticeships and other trainings

This category contains the trainings that Yukudemy is offering without necessarily academic benefits, but rather to enhance your skills and career in the industry of interest.

Yukuladies α (2019-10 to 2020-05)

This is a holistic program designed for young ladies who would want to actively contribute to technology. The alpha (α) is the first set, and introduction set of the 2 years yukuladies training. Alpha yukuladies are introduced to computer programmingmathematics & the English language. The applicant must either be an Ordinary level leaver or Advanced level (High school level) leaver or a college student without a computer science or related computing college degree. The successful applicants will be trained for free byYukudemy products and engineering team for 6 months, and physical pieces of training will be held at Yukudemy offices while online teachings will be through the yukudemy Education platform. The applicant must have (at least) a personal computer, preferably a laptopAfter the alpha stage, the yukuladies of interest will be enrolled for Yukuladies-β (beta). The beta yukuladies will be entitled to allowances from Yukudemy as well as free training. As a notice, there are 4 levels of yukuladies, i.e, α, β, v & δ (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Omega).

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