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Talk by Charity B. Amanyabyoona

Discussion topics
  1. Hair dressing
  2. Teaching beauty & styling at Yukudemy
  3. Women empowerment through Yukudemy
About Charity

Charity is a yukudemian (somone who loves teaching other humans & learning from them). She completed her first degree (Bachelors Information Systems) from Muni University. She is a feministic by choice, Human Rights activist and gender equality advocator (by efforts and support from other humans). Most of the times, she has said it out that her ultimate dream is to behold the females with equal opportunities and rights in planning and decision making as the fellow males.

She possesses this belief that girls and women can even do better than today. She always encourages ladies to enrol to and put their skills at yukudemy, and share their knowledge with the rest of ladies. She has been heard saying that Yukudemy is a fundamental tool to empower women, giving them that opportunity to teach and learn.

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